Project Manager, web design: Interview: Vince Mancari

In this conversation I talk with Vince Mancari a project manager at Ipso Creative, a boutique web agency. If you’re interested in project management, digital web technologies, design, and communication or stakeholder management - this interview is for you.  Vince also regularly serves as a coach for Seth Godin’s altMBA.

LinkedIn - @VinceMancari

Director of Product Marketing: Interview: Eric Moeller

Today’s conversation is with Eric Moeller. Our interview takes us into his career path and the industries of digital marketing strategy, copywriting, and product management.  We also dive into the concept of remote work in the technology industry. Eric is currently a Director of Product Marketing at Sage, a financial and operations software. More importantly, Eric discusses decision making and following one’s curiosity.

LinkedIn - @EricMoeller
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Digital Products Manager: Interview: Amy Lust

Today’s conversation is with Amy Lust.  Amy is a digital products manager for station web products at PBS.  She has an awesome personality and is an excellent storyteller. Her insights into her education, career, media, design and marketing is super valuable to anyone interested in a career into digital marketing, user experience (UX), and project management.

Director of the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development: Interview: Dave Newell

Today’s conversation is with Dave Newell. Dave is the Director of the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.

Dave is also the owner/lead consultant of his own consulting firm, Evolve Leadership Consulting.

I guarantee that you’ll learn valuable insights for career decisions, how to be a generous person, and how to be a builder versus a maintainer.

Dave at LinkedIn -

Professional Photographer: Interview: Brian DeSimone

Today’s conversation is with Brian DeSimone. Brian is an amazing portrait photographer in California.  His path and story is one of grit, creativity, and pursuing one’s passions.

So many good tips for starting your journey as a photographer and practicing empathy as an authentic way to make connections, build relationships, and apply that to photography.

Instagram - @BrianDesimonePhotography

Professional Free Surfer, Brand Ambassador, and Apple Tech Support Specialist: Interview: Tom Petriken

Today we’re talking to Tom Petriken. He’s a professional “free surfer”, a brand ambassador, and an Apple Tech Support Specialist at a local Apple Store. Tom is on a different of a career path than most.   He has an interesting life and insight into following one’s passions. Check this one out if you’re interested in alternative careers and staying true to your authentic self.

Instagram @Tom_Petriken

Entrepreneur and Business/Leadership Coach: Interview: Peter Shepherd

Peter Shepherd is an entrepreneur and coach. He is the founder of his own coaching company called Human Periscope and is a head coach at Seth Godin’s altMBA. Pete has also recently started a podcast called The Long and Short of it, with his co-host Jen Waldman. Definitely check out this podcast for some words of wisdom and to hear about his meaningful and interesting work.

Linkedin: @PeterShepherd3

The Long and Short of It podcast

The Learning Lab Podcast Intro

Welcome to The Learning Lab Podcast Intro to season 1. We’ll explore a variety of careers in our inaugural season ranging from photographers to digital project managers to marketers.

Thanks for checking out the season. If you dig it, please share with others.

Let’s get learning.

Intro music for each podcast episode is titled “Off of Venture” by Bjorn Lynn, Lynn Publishing, licensed by NeoSounds.

Learning Lab Podcast Coming Soon

The Learning Lab Podcast season one is just about finished and is in production.

Who’s it for?

The podcast for students of all ages, career changers, and those that are curious about different careers, paths, and the work that people do.

What’s it for?

The podcast is for learning the inside scoop on various careers and roles, plus the learning processes involved.


Why not? The Learning Lab is about connecting students with authentic projects and career exploration. With today’s technology, connectivity, mobile technologies, and the ability to learn anything we want at anytime we want - it just felt like it made sense for The Learning Lab to produce a podcast.

Let’s get learning.