How does work?

First, so why the dot "live" . . . Dot "live" is the extension we chose to demonstrate our sense of urgency, our commitment to relevance, and our passion for learning and doing now. is designed to be a community of educators, students, and professionals collaborating to engage students in authentic projects and problems that industry needs completed now.  

This is the first iteration.  

Our hope is that this brings your students excitement and true learning.


An industry professional shares a project

A project sponsored or launched by professional may be small or large, a two-week sprint or a semester-long marathon.  The industry professional will sponsor his/her project and requirements, or problem and constraints.  

The professional will share required deliverables and key performance indicators for the project.  In collaboration with the teacher, he/she will set a due date for project completion.  

There may be regular correspondence with the professional via facilitation by the teacher.  Finally, in many cases the professional will evaluate the submitted project for final approval and provide feedback.


The teacher and coach

The classroom teacher(s) and coach(es) will act as the facilitator(s) for the length of the project.  In some cases, teachers will guide students toward projects in their subject area (i.e. engineering or sciences).  Their responsibility is to help with communications between the student(s) and industry professional who shared the project.  

They will also facilitate collaboration among student group partners (in class and "remote" partners).  

The coach is a virtual teacher that is "online" with students in different schools, states, or regions and is present to facilitate collaboration between "remote" partners." 

The classroom teacher(s) and coach(es) will assist in self-assessments before submission of the project and evaluate students based on collaboration, research, communication, and other grade-level applicable standards.  


The Students

The students are responsible for choosing a project launched on based on interest in the subject, topic, skills to be learned, or potential career path (i.e. engineering or business).  In some cases, a project will need to be chosen in a particular subject or field based on the subject in which the student is studying.

Students are responsible for doing their best research to learn content to make informed decisions for the launched project.  Students are responsible for communicating needs to the teacher or coach.  Students are responsible for asking questions of teacher and/or professional.

Students must make an action plan which details individual responsibilities, timelines, deliverables, and key performance indicators.